Benefit From the Arthrostim Instrument

Traditional chiropractic is an effective means of treating patients. However, many new ways of producing this important neurological feedback stream have been developed which may make chiropractic care available to more types of patients and help treat a variety of conditions. 

In our practice, one of the methods we employ uses a low force, highly effective means of introducing this stimulus to the body. This instrument is called an Arthrostim. It is one of the most effective and comfortable tools for creating this valuable input into the nervous system. No more popping, twisting, or cracking of your spine!

The Arthrostim Instrument

The Arthrostim Instrument delivers input into the nervous system by generating 12-14 incremental thrusts per second. By dividing the energy of a single thrust into rapid successive inputs, the Arthrostim Instrument modulates the peak force. What this means for you is that we are able to deliver an extremely comfortable, highly precise and effective adjustment to the area. The instrument is able to deliver more rapid pulses than what human hands are capable of and directs the input exactly where it needs to go for the best results. 

The secret to the instrument's effectiveness comes from its controlled repetitive input. This input produces a cumulative "snowballing" type effect on neural receptors. This permits the Arthrostim Instrument to create extensive neurological feedback to the brain using greatly reduced amounts of force. By utilizing controlled, incremental thrusts, the Arthrostim Instrument is also able to stimulate specific neural receptors (mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors) without activating undesirable pain receptors. The Arthrostim permits us to maintain the effectiveness of your adjustment while reducing the amount of force that is applied to your body. This dynamic combination allows the practitioner to comfortably manage a wider range of conditions. The Arthrostim makes treatment a safe and effective experience for almost every patient.

Who Can Benefit From the Arthrostim Instrument?

  • Infants and young children
  • Individuals in acute pain
  • Individuals who are particularly sensitive to pain
  • Individuals who either dislike or fear being 'cracked'
  • Elderly individuals

Superior Results

If you've ever 'tensed up' in anticipation of an impending physical event, you're sure to experience superior results from Arthrostim. Since the gentle tapping is quick and you don't feel vulnerable, you can relax and enjoy the process. Almost all our patients love the experience.
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